The Quicken Loans Family of Companies Is a For-More-Than-Profit Enterprise

We strive to create better opportunity in our home communities of Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte and Phoenix by developing strong and diverse partnerships that unlock the power of people and place.

We Are Focused on Investments in:

Kids playing limbo at community activation summer beach party.

Activating and Animating the City

To ensure Detroit is recognized as a world-class destination for the arts, culture, entertainment, recreation and public spaces, we are focused on:

  • Enhancing the everyday environment for residents and visitors
  • Preserving partnerships that cultivate the city’s unique culture and building a robust future
  • Supporting authentic, inclusive programs
Quicken Loans team member reads with young boy at local library.

Creating Education Initiatives

To ensure we have the most impact on student outcomes, we are focused on:

  • Engaging team members as mentors and tutors
  • Providing students with internships and jobs within the Family of Companies
  • Supporting experiential learning opportunities
Detroit Demo Day 2017 Awards Winners.

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

To ensure we are filling gaps in the current entrepreneurial ecosystem:

  • Increasing local buying
  • Decreasing regulatory barriers to launching businesses
  • Supporting entrepreneurial service providers
Couple eating and drinking in Campus Martius Park.

Increasing Homeownership

To ensure all Detroiters have an opportunity to grow with the city, we are focused on:

  • Creating pathways to sustainable homeownership
  • Maintaining owner-occupancy through tax foreclosure prevention
  • Raising the value of homes through increased access to financing